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Electrical Outlets

If you’ve got the whole family working and schooling from home, you’re probably noticing that you don’t have enough outlets available to keep everyone plugged in. Many older homes in NW Georgia need new outlets that can handle the needs of all of our modern office electronics, without causing safety hazards. USB charging ports can be installed into the walls of your home, providing an easy, convenient way to charge all of your devices without trying to find the nearest charger. Phoenix Electrical can update older outlets, add extra outlets and also upgrade your electrical panel if that’s a concern. 

Dedicated computer circuits ensure your computers are able to access the energy they need without overloading your system, losing power, blowing a fuse, or tripping a breaker (all events that take you away from your work). If you are adding new heavy duty computer equipment or simply adding additional outlets, you may need new dedicated circuits.

Dedicated Computer Circuits
Lighting, Dimmers & Lighting Controls

Lighting often comes as an afterthought and yet, poor lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches. Considering the high percentage of time, we spend working in our home office, it makes sense to create a setting with optimal lighting.  Most home offices should feature ambient lighting that is diffused throughout the space and task lighting that is focused on specific workstations. It’s ideal to place your ambient lights on a dimmer switch, so you have the flexibility to adjust light levels depending on the time of day and type of work you’re doing. You may want to add decorative and accent lighting to help improve the visual character of your home office.

Natural daylight improves the ambience of a room, but at certain times of day can be too bright. Being able to adjust light levels throughout the day is ideal for the eyes and promotes productivity. Smart shades and smart blinds allow you to effortlessly control the amount of natural light in your home office. They also help you create the perfect work zone, providing the right atmosphere and amount of privacy for whatever you’re doing.

Smart Shades and Smart Blinds
Surge Protection

Sudden power surges can damage the sensitive electronics that you need to keep working or studying from home. Sometimes those surges cause enough damage to ruin the equipment. And just plugging everything into a power strip isn’t always enough, especially if you’re competing with others in the family for those limited outlets. Your home’s electrical system still has the final word on whether or not there is enough juice to power all of the devices you need to use on any given day. This is why installing whole house surge protection is a good idea. We can install whole-house surge protection directly to your electrical panel. Not only will whole-house surge protection protect your office equipment, but all of the other electronics and appliances in your home as well. 

Standby generators provide a power source for your entire home in the event of a complete power outage. Generators make sure the most important items such as your lights, computers, and other critical components are up and running at all times. Phoenix Electrical is your complete source for standby, commercial, and residential generators in Calhoun and NW Georgia. Phoenix Electrical can furnish and install a variety of stand-by generators from top manufacturers.

Standby Generators
Uninterrupted Power Supply

To successfully work from home, you should a back-up plan for when the power goes out. Unexpected power outages from summer or winter storms can wreak havoc on your productivity. To make sure that you can continue working and meeting deadlines despite unexpected power outages, consider purchasing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your computer. A UPS is essentially a battery backup for your desktop computer. It will give you the few extra minutes you need to save documents, close programs, etc. You could even continue to use your desktop for up to an hour without power.

Regardless of what industry you work in, having fast Internet can be extremely important. Using hardwired ethernet for your computer can be more reliable and faster than WIFI, so consider having it hardwired into your office. New data cables installed in different areas of the home can speed up your internet connection, which can give you the option of creating your own home network that connects everyone. This can make telecommuting, large file transfers, video conference calls and streaming services run much more smoothly. 

Hardwired Ethernet and Data Cables
Prevent Overloads

Electrical overloads are among the most common causes for house fires. Overloading a circuit overheats the wires and can ignite the structures around them. The circuit breaker protecting that circuit on the main panel may trip before a fire starts, but not always. A breaker that trips frequently is your warning sign that you probably have an overload or another dangerous condition. If you have electrical concerns in NW Georgia, contact a qualified electrician from Phoenix Electrical immediately. Phoenix Electrical offers prompt service, with short lead times and excellent client communication. Every job is important to Phoenix Electrical, no matter how large or small. And repairs are always handled professionally and promptly.

If you’re struggling to keep everyone working and studying efficiently, upgrading your electrical outlets, circuits and data cables can remove the headaches of everyone having to work at home for the foreseeable future. To upgrade your home office call Phoenix Electrical to schedule your free estimate today at (706) 607-6332

How to Upgrade Your Home Office

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GailCalhoun, GA
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When we were having our 3400 sq ft home built. Phoenix Electrical did all the wiring and hung lights and fixtures. They did a fantastic job and even the inspector was impressed , when it was inspected. I will definitely obtain their services when needed.
DanaAdairsville, GA
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Phoenix Electrical installed an outdoor ceiling fan for me. Had to run new electrical. Did a superb job. Fan looks and works great. Was so thoughtful to my ideas and the electrician gave his input. He cleaned up after also. I enjoy my fan daily.
ChrisCartersville, GA
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Excellent work! We had most of our home completely rewired. Jerimiah was fast, clean and very detail oriented. Highly recommend using them.
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Great service! Phoenix Electrical was very responsive to my inquiries. They were on time and did a great job installing 2 outdoor ceiling fans for me. I will contact them again if I need any electrical work in the future.
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I was very pleased with the service that I received. The Phoenix Electrician was very knowledgeable about the job. Cleaned up after the job was completed. Would definitely recommend them to others.
HelenSonoraville, GA
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We found this company on NextDoor and are glad we did. They took down six old 8-foot fluorescent shop lights (from a 12-foot ceiling) and replaced them with LED shop lights. They completed the job in a few hours and took all the debris with them. They were prompt, professional and well mannered. I highly recommend Phoenix Electrical for big or small jobs and will use them for any of our future electrical work. Thanks Cynthia and Jeremiah!!


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