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EV Charging Stations in Calhoun, GA

If you own an electric vehicle in NW Georgia and you like the convenience and safety offered by an EV home charging station, call the licensed experts at Phoenix Electrical. We can even help you get chargers installed at your business, whether it’s an office complex or a hotel. Employees and customers alike will benefit from having electric car chargers readily available.

EVSE chargers supply electric energy to recharge electric vehicles. There are three levels of electric vehicle charging devices:

Level 1 Charger

Comes standard with most electric vehicles. Plug into any normal three-prong outlet. While the Level 1 charger requires no installation, it charges vehicle batteries very slowly. Level 1 EVSE chargers are best suited for overnight use, and can take 20 hours or more to fully charge your car’s battery.

Level 2 Charger

This more advanced EVSE charger requires its own dedicated 240-volt circuit, which needs to be professionally installed in your garage. Level 2 chargers work much faster, fully charging an EV in about three hours. A growing number of EV manufacturers are now including a Level 2 charger standard with each new car purchase.

Level 3 Charger

This is the standalone device you see at public charging stations. It can add 160 miles of driving range to an EV’s batteries in about half an hour. However, beyond being prohibitively expensive, they have an industrial-level power draw that makes them unavailable to homeowners. If you own or work at an industrial building, it is possible to have a Level 3 charger installed there.

What is a EVSE Charger?
EVSE Charger Station Installation

When you decide to have a Level 2 charger installed in your garage, here’s what you can expect from Phoenix Electrical:

  • Full inspection of all equipment prior to installation.
  • Site inspection to ensure equipment is installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
  • Electrical system upgrade, including new dedicated 40-amp, 240-volt circuit with 8-AWG wiring to support the quicker-charging Level 2 charger.
  • Your licensed electrician from Phoenix Electrical will install your EVSE equipment to conform to all National Electrical Code and local permit/code requirements.
  • Start-up inspection performed to verify equipment is functioning properly in its operational environment.

Charging your vehicle from your garage or nearby space is much more convenient than seeking out a charging station on another’s property.

Tesla and some other chargers are rated to be installed outdoors also allowing you to conveniently charge the vehicle while it’s parked in your driveway, too. Any installation whether inside or outside can be removed and made safe so that you can move them with you if you sell your home.

Furthermore, if you are a property manager, charging stations offer several advantages, including:

  • Adding a means of boosting revenue. It is possible to sell ad space on the interfaces of such car charging stations. Some even choose to charge a fee for the use of the station.
  • Attracting eco-oriented tenants and retention.
  • Employee attraction and retention.
  • Environmental standards and certifications.
What Are the Benefits of Installing a Car Charging Station?

To install your EV Charging Station, call Phoenix Electrical at (706) 607-6332 to schedule a free onsite estimate or schedule online for a time that is convenient for you.

GailCalhoun, GA
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When we were having our 3400 sq ft home built. Phoenix Electrical did all the wiring and hung lights and fixtures. They did a fantastic job and even the inspector was impressed , when it was inspected. I will definitely obtain their services when needed.
DanaAdairsville, GA
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Phoenix Electrical installed an outdoor ceiling fan for me. Had to run new electrical. Did a superb job. Fan looks and works great. Was so thoughtful to my ideas and the electrician gave his input. He cleaned up after also. I enjoy my fan daily.
ChrisCartersville, GA
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Excellent work! We had most of our home completely rewired. Jerimiah was fast, clean and very detail oriented. Highly recommend using them.
AutumnCalhoun, GA
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Great service! Phoenix Electrical was very responsive to my inquiries. They were on time and did a great job installing 2 outdoor ceiling fans for me. I will contact them again if I need any electrical work in the future.
DeeAcworth, GA
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I was very pleased with the service that I received. The Phoenix Electrician was very knowledgeable about the job. Cleaned up after the job was completed. Would definitely recommend them to others.
HelenSonoraville, GA
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We found this company on NextDoor and are glad we did. They took down six old 8-foot fluorescent shop lights (from a 12-foot ceiling) and replaced them with LED shop lights. They completed the job in a few hours and took all the debris with them. They were prompt, professional and well mannered. I highly recommend Phoenix Electrical for big or small jobs and will use them for any of our future electrical work. Thanks Cynthia and Jeremiah!!


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