How can landscape lighting help maximize home security?

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The most convenient and most successful form of home security is proper lighting.

An outdoor lighting system increases the security of a residence in a number of ways. It can do so much more than just highlighting your home’s architectural features or lighting up outdoor living areas. By installing landscape lighting, you can take away potential hiding spots, ensure that doorways and windows are well lit and ward off people who might intend to do harm to a person or property.

Landscape lighting must be aesthetically pleasing to the homeowners and help the residents safely navigate the landscape and the perimeter of the home.

Good outdoor lighting allows one to identify obstructions and potential hazards such as a change in elevation. It must also provide security by discouraging trespassers. A well-lit home is less likely to be broken into.

landscape lighting

Illuminate all entry and exit points of a house and a property

Landscape lighting will make tasks such as finding your keys, retrieving the mail, or walking the dog easier and safer. It will also illuminate a burglar against a background and make it easier for a neighbor to spot. For this reason, burglars might instead move on and choose a less well-lit yard.

Eliminates dark areas and potential hiding spots around a property

The more landscape lighting that you have, the more likely it is that a security camera might catch a clean image. For this reason, burglars might instead move on and choose a less well-lit yard just in case there are security cameras connected to video recorders on the site. Good outdoor lighting must provide a clear view of the area; including people and objects such as fences, walls and barriers. Lighting and cameras should work together to allow facial recognition at a minimum distance of 30 feet.

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Landscape lighting gives the illusion the house is occupied

Installing outdoor lighting that makes your home safer and more secure does not mean that you have to sacrifice the visual aesthetics of your yard or light every square inch of your property. You can have both a beautifully lit yard and a safer home at the same time!

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